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Children of the Station

The purpose of our action is to provide safe, respectful and supportive contacts between adults and young people. Children of the Station is an non-governmental organization that was founded in Helsinki in 1990. During the years the activity has expanded from local to nationwide. 

The main target group  of our work is 13-17 year-old people everywhere in Finland. We have various projects and ways of working.

Our adults vary from a wide range of professionals (youth workers, social workers, educators) to a network of adult volunteers.

Our ways of working

Spreading positive attitude towards the youth.

Getting more safe adults to young peoples every day life.

Networking, co-operative and multiprofessional attitude and approach – in the focus of our action is to stir up the thought of ”mutual youngsters” in opposite to the sectoral thinking that approaches young people as ”our, your or someone elses”.

No principles of ”zero-tolerances”, memberships or specified target groups – allthough amongst the youth we encounted, we have a special focus in those who are in the risk of social exclusion or marginalization. 

We go there where the young are – when they are there! We also train different professionals to use our methods in their own occupation and give consulting to municipals, shopping centres etc.